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Brown Eyed Girls - The Original (single review)

This review deals with the Brown Eyed Girls’ latest single album The Original, which was released on July 17, 2012. The cover art features close-ups of the faces of the member and as Admin J correctly detected: it is also pretty similar to the cover art for their mini album My Style. The only difference – apart from the pictures that were used of course – is that on the one for The Original Jea and Miryo are on top and Narsha and Gain are on the bottom, while on the one for My Style Narsha and Gain are on top and Jea and Miryo are on the bottom.

image  image

This single album includes only two songs, which are both not following the current trend of electro-pop and uptempo songs, since they can be rather compared to the routes of the Brown Eyed Girls which can be found in soul rhythms. This also goes along well with the reason for the release of the single album, which was to thank their fans for their ongoing support even though the group is lately not working together, since each member follows their solo projects.

The first song on the single is A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which can be seen as the main song off this single album, since it was supported by the release of a music video. Just like both songs featured on this single album, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a soul-influenced ballad which supports the strong vocals of the members very well. Additionally, this song was written by member Jea. Without even understanding the lyrics, this song already makes the listener feel the summer-night-vibe so-to-say. Especially since it really makes you feel like you’re sitting under the starry sky while listening to a concert. The lyrics of the song tell the story of a couple who’s on a date late one summer night. The story is told out of the perspective of the girl for whom this date feels just like a dream which she doesn’t want to end. She’d rather spend the whole night with her lover in an intimate way. Yet, the lyrics leave open if he feels the same way for her. While she wants this night to never end she also questions him since when he loves her. As for the English used in this song, well, there’s not much to say here, since there are only a few English words and those are really pronounced well. So, instead of criticizing anything in this part, I want to highlight Miryo’s part in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Those almost spoken-like lines do indeed fit the song pretty well in my opinion since they give the song a story-telling-like kind of feeling, which really fits well into the whole concept of the song.

The second song included on this single album is Come With Me, a song which is also a ballad and just as soul-influenced as A Midsummer Night’s Dream. To me this one appears more mellow though, which is actually the reason for why I prefer this song. The lyrics to this song leave a lot of room for speculation, but let me first tell you the facts: This song comes along with some very sad words and expression of loneliness. In it the speaker doesn’t want to be lonely anymore and therefore wants someone to join them on this day, yet it’s not given who this companion should be, nor why the speaker is so sad. What is given though is that the speaker feels some kind of relieved in front of the ocean. Furthermore this person searched for acknowledgement by strangers, which they might not get as well. So, these are the basic facts I can give you, now let me tell you the story that I made up in my mind while reading those lyrics: I kind of feel like it’s the story of the Brown Eyed Girls, at least to a certain stage. In the earlier stage of their career they didn’t get much acknowledgement. So at least to this point it would still make sense. Yet, this can also be interpreted as a kind of a love story without happy ending because even by trying to keep the relationship going it might has ended which makes the speaker pretty sad, but nature is still there as a relief to console them. Since I don’t want to speculate too much at this point I’d rather end this here.

To conclude this review, I want to say that I love how the Brown Eyed Girls went back to their roots for this special single album release. I further think that it’s therefore a magnificent present to thank their fans who stuck to them since the beginning and never gave up on the group. Personally I prefer Come With Me to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but that might only be my own humble opinion. Basically I can only recommend this single album to anyone who’s kind of fed up with the all-the-same electro-pop that is currently around, since this single album is really different to everything that other popular groups do these days.

If you’ve got any opinion different to mine or just want to talk about this single album, please feel free to drop us a message in our ask section!

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